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Being with dad for months in Bangalore i was so bored, Luckily commune18 happened to both of us. I pondered the question of how big this park was , little did i know this was my new Home!

This place looked like a reward for being born a dog

Over and over again you’ll hear me talk about the innumerable human friends i made this past year at commune18.

I look belligerent but i barely even bark, taking advantage of this I was Kidnapped! Let me narrate this to you.

It was a heavy downpour in chikamaglur that day, dad was out of town and being untroubled i quietly fled out the gates of commune18. Unaware i would be kidnapped to a Brahmin household! Yes, that was the sad part.

21 Long days until dad found me and took me along, just when i was giving up there came the rescue. I was popular than anyone else in town for 21 days , I was on TV Channels, Social media , Newspapers ! Ah! Grateful .

Story does not end here, visit me at commune18 for the complete story.
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Golu was kidnapped, whereas I was lost until commune18 found me.

Abhorred golu for getting all the affection from cult members. He was always off leash in the property which gave me extreme anxiety until one day we made peace . Since then our brotherhood remains untouched except that it breaks slightly when the other one gets more attention from female travellers. We jointly hate humans and bully other dogs the whole time at commune18.

You can find me near the restaurant area or in a female dormitory.
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Cult story of our long stay customer:

Abhishek & Avantika , our very close guests who bonded over a great workation trip at commune18.

Cooped up with work in the mornings and bonding over bonfire with magical guitar sessions during the evenings. By the third evening we had gotten so close , our jamming sessions went up till first light . Exactly a year later , Etched in our books Abhishek and Avantika will tie the knots at commune18 on December4, 2022 .

Avantika says. - “ It could not be better than this human, this place, this sunrise @commune18 “
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New years happen like never before, we wager you it is the biggest event in Chikmagalur.

The madness of our cult along with unmatchable festivities during the eve is something you wouldn’t miss Mid-night fireworks , Live music , Dance Floor , Killer DJ , Great Food , Unlimited Beers .

Cap it all off and head to commune18 which just might be the best place to spend your new year eve.
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New tradition on our cult list HOLI, A mark to remember.

Dressed all festive finery to dance and sway around some loud music and of course the forceful scrubbing of colours.
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A Tropical Retreat in Chikamangalur

Take a step into wilderness
Discover a rare ethos of luxury embedded in the gracious lap of nature.
This unique tropical retreat is a hideaway inside the jungle, accessible to it’s privileged guests.

Uncompromising eco-adventure travel meets an oasis of urban comfort, with breathtaking views of the surrounding forested mountains of the western ghats.
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Our objective at Commune is to bring together our visitor's societies and spirits with our own, communicating enthusiasm.
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1350 + Visitors
Come Annually
At Commune, we understand the different expectations of visitors. We feel elated when you come back for the second time!
  • Meditation
  • Trekking
  • Sightseeing
  • Night Bonefire
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Our Resort

Tucked away under the canopy of palm, tamarind, and coconut trees, our commune is built on the land of coffee plantations, nesting on the Western Ghats. Carefully designed to be in tune with our shared love for people and communities, we at Commune18 welcome you to our world of community living, on our quaint and cozy jungle island in Chikamagalur.
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Our space is set in the heart of Commune18, with good wifi and even better coffee! Take all your work calls in the comfort of our co-working space, surrounded by greenery and the smell of freshly brewed coffee. This space is dedicated to those who love staying in a vibrant and dynamic environment set in nature’s lap. Equipped with reliable internet, our commune offers you the option to work from nature, stretch your legs, walk around the island, play some volleyball, lounge at our cafe.
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Our objective at Bluebell is to bring together our visitor's societies and spirits with our
own, communicating enthusiasm and liberality in the food we share.

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